All about A-frame signs
May 06, 2021

All about A-frame signs

An a-frame sign is a great investment for your shop or business.

If your business craves the attention of passers but you are on a budget then an A-frame sign is the best choice possible.

A-frame signs are very simple. They are self supportive and they are light enough to move around yet heavy enough withstand a fair amount of wind.  They are long lasting but portable. They can convey a different message each day or the same for years on end. They are equally effective indoor or outdoor. The only surface they won’t sit on is a body of water.

An A-Frame sign is designed to hold lightweight materials like aluminium panels or corflute. No matter what size, the premise of an a-frame sign is always the same, a double sided sign of equal sides hinged on an angle which looks like the letter A.

Types of A-frames and their applications

Plastic a-frame signs

Plastic a-frame signs tend to be smaller permanent faced signs which are light and easy to move around. Evarite signs for example are perfect for real estate agents to advertise their viewings. They have handles and are easily put in place on hard or soft ground. The A frame design means they are not easily blown over. Evarite signs are 600mm wide by 450mm high and weigh 5 kg. Best application is real estate or temporary wayfinding.

Metal a-frame signs

Metal a-frame signs come in either permanent or changeable face. Permanent face metal a frame have the advantage of being extremely durable but the message cannot be changed. Corflute inset signs allow people to change the signs as needed. Corflute is a cheap material. Marrying a frame signs with corflute delivers a versatile sign which is also cheap. Signs like this come in 600mm x 900mm plus the legs or 900mm x 1200mm. You can also fabricate your own sign at a local metal shop. The design is simple and just requires 8 lengths of steel and two hinges. The applications for metal  frames are limitless but they are frequently used outside shops to advertise them, or inside as free standing informational signs. Metal A frames are an essential part of an event kit.

Chalkboard A-frame Signs

Chalkboard A-frame Signs are ideal when a business needs to change the message very frequently. Perfect for restaurants and cafes they can tell guests of menu specials. Chalkboard a-frames are 600mm x 900mm plus legs. They are best suited for hospitality.

Common Uses of A-Frame Signs

A frame signs have a wide application but their portability is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantages are obviously their ease of deployment in any number of situations. The disadvantage of A frames is that they are easily removed or stolen.

A-frame signs can be used for:

Footpath advertising

The enormous advantage of a-frames is that they can easily be moved into almost any position and they are free standing. Advertising on footpaths, median strips or immediately outside a business is the number one use for a-frames. The reason for this is that they are incredibly effective. A frames help businesses to get found. Businesses report up to a 100% increase in passing trade. The height of an a-frame at ground level is really effective in attracting attention.

Directional signage

A frames are useful for providing directions for guests. Wayfinding for amenities, car parking or any location is easily achieved with a-frame signs. Being able to change the message as well as having a different message on both sides is very handy for signposting events, trade shows or conferences.

Informational signage

The Covid age has seen signs become very important for presenting information. A-frame signs have been front and centre in telling us all what to do. As they are relatively compact and can carry a lot of information, they are perfect for telling visitors or guests important information that they need to know. Being at ground level makes them hard to miss.

Promotional signage

Advertise sales promotions using corflute inset a frames. The message is very quickly changed making it easy to have a different promotion on different days of the week, or even times of the day. Corflute is one of the cheapest signs so if you are looking versatility these signs are very economical.

How to use a frame signs to attract business

Using a frames to attract people to your business depends on a marriage of 3 things:

  1. The positioning of the sign. It won’t work if nobody can see it.
  2. The message the sign delivers.
  3. The design of the sign and what that says about the business it advertises.

Get these three things right and passers by will come into your business, get them wrong and you will waste your money.

Getting signage fundamentals right means:

  • Display the sign where it is highly visible to your intended audience
  • Make sure the placement is legal as some councils can be quite strict about using signs on footpaths.
  • Your message should be clear and may need to be something beyond the name of your business if you intend to attract new business.
  • Keep your message short but make your proposition attractive for passers by 
  • Be sure your message can be understood. Do people know your business from briefly glancing at the sign.
  • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes
  • Use design that reflects your business. That design should appeal to your target audience.
  • Use solid design principles and keep it simple.

Design fundamentals for A frame signs

Whatever the look of your business, your a-frame sign should floor some basic design principles:

  • Always create a margin so that text can be displayed neatly and legibly.
  • The design should go to the edge of the sign but the text should be within a margin.
  • Use colours, fonts and imagery which reflect your business.
  • Keep it simple, use an economy of words to convey the message.
  • Do not make your logo overly large.
  • Make sure images are clear and not pixelated
  • Provide vector artwork for crisp printing.
  • Try to use your website url to give customers a better look at your business.

A frame signs are an economical way to get a significant result. Before you buy, understand what you want to use your sign for and how durable it needs to be. Oh, and remember to bring your a-frame in at night if you want to keep it.